Kristina Salin (nee Patterson) completed or took part in a number of Visual Landscape Inventory and Design projects and has over 20 years experience  in Visual Resource Management.

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Kristina managed and conducted all aspects of the VLI projects when with leading Landscape Architectural firms in Vancouver and Victoria BC, completing the field work,, photos, mapping, VSU ratings and report creation.

Kristina was one of the few British Columbia VLI contractors that completed the three day training course run by the Province to certify Visual Resource Management consultants.

Some Visual Landscape Inventories Kristina took part in include:

  • Broughton Archipelago VLI (with Reeve MacDougall & Associates)
  • Jervis Inlet VLI (with Reeve Mac Dougall & Associates)
  • Cariboo – Chilcotin VVLI (with Viewpoint Consulting Vera Vukelich)
  • Squamish VLI (with Catherine Berris Associates Inc. )
  • Kingkom Inlet VLI (with Catherine Berris Associates Inc. )
  • Belize Inlet VLI (with Catherine Berris Associates Inc. )
  • VLI Contractor Training + Certification, 1997 (Lead by Vera Vukelich and Jaques Marc)