In 2004, The Squamish-Lillooet Regional District complete with member municipalities elected to undertake a Regional Growth Strategy (RGS). This is a long term policy document that manages growth over a 20-year period.

The RGS was developed through a collaborative process over a multi-year period, through consultation with local, regional, provincial and federal governments, the public and First Nations.   The RGS is a ‘high level’ approach to planning prioritizing goals across the regional that meet common social economic and environmental objectives. It addresses land use, transportation, housing, economic development, social issues, ecological stewardship, parks and natural areas and regional services.

As RGS Manager for the SLRD, I attended provincial RGS Managers meetings, amended the RGS as required by the Local Government Act, prepared annual reports, prepared and conducted RGS Steering Committee meetings, penned MOU”s and Implementation Agreements and conducted overall project management and liaison between affected levels of government, consultants and the public regarding the strategy. Management tasks included public engagement and Liaison, media outreach, running meetings, conducting open houses, contract administration and coordination relating to the RGS and presentation to the Regional Board on RGS matters.

Many years in planning, the SLRD RGS was adopted by the Regional Board in 2010 and will undergo its first Five Year Review in 2015.