KSalin Land Planning (KSLP) is proud to work with Council of Haida Nations and the Haida Gwaii Natural Resource District (Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations)  to complete the Haida Gwaii Visual Landscape Inventory Update 2017. 

The KSLP team combines landscape architectural and planning expertise as well as practical experience in visual resource management and public engagement to create user friendly communication tools for presentation to the public, execute effective fieldwork techniques, produce detail oriented report writing and intuitive document archiving.

With the unique needs of a tourism destination and the vibrant community of Haida Gwaii in mind, KSLP created a clear program for Visual Landscape Inventory based on requirements outlined in Visual Landscape Inventory Procedures & Standards Manual May, 1997  (and associated errata in Attachment 2 of the Invitation to Tender). Currently underway, the project deliverables will be completed in a timely manner and provided through a process that engages the public, maximizes local resources and follows recognized resource management protocols.

KSLP is utilizing a 3 Phased Approach to the Haida Gwaii Visual Landscape Inventory Project:

PHASE 1: PRE-FIELDWORK (Soliciting Community Input)



Our intention was to create a collaborative process that was clear and straightforward. We intended to work through the phases, meet regularly with the Local Ministry of Forests Staff, clarify items as required, prepare presentation materials, engagement materials and guide consultation meetings. KSLP utilized progressive best practices in visual landscape inventory and community engagement. Stay tuned for future opportunities of engagement and input concerning visual landscape inventories in the area. 

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